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Home Delivery

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This season, sign up to receive your weekly vegetable deliveries at you door by subscribing to a Farm Share season through the Pantry Goods website! Pantry Goods offers waste-free deliveries to your home for an added fee. This option is available to any customer within a 15 mile radius of Kansas City.

When you go to the Pantry Goods website, click on their “Fresh” food category and choose either the Early or Late Summer Vegetable Share. Space is limited to 30 customers per season so sign-up as soon as you can! 

Customers can also enjoy other products offered by Pantry Goods, including:

  • Bread
  • Coffee
  • Cereals
  • Flours & Baking Essentials
  • Grains & Legumes
  • Butter & Spreads
  • Fermented Foods
  • Locally-sourced meat
  • Oil, Vinegar, & Dressings
  • Spices/Seasonings
  • Vegan Substitutes
  • Nuts, Seeds, & Dried Fruit
  • Personal Care