Tu Rah

Tu Rah grew up in Burma, where his parents taught him how to farm. As he aged he acquired a ten acres plot where he grew by a river that watered his crops through dug trenches. His family grew Karen vegetables and rice. Tu Rah would carry his produce to sell to his neighbors and to sell at a market three times a week. He grew 20 years before being relocated to Thailand. He and Man Tin Yai then grew for another decade in Thailand before finally resettling in America. Man Tin Yai and Tu Rah have sold for four years at Parkville on Saturdays and do a CSA delivery at Children’s Mercy on Broadway. 

Farmer’s Market Locations: Parkville Farmer’s Market (Saturdays)

Offers: Vegetables, Flowers, CSA share/CSA Delivery

Contact: 913-953-1313, 913-534-0987 (Paw Pree)